Below you will find an overview of the various aspects of conducting an online auction. For additional information, be sure to review your User Agreement.


At the seller’s option, auctions last any number of days from the day of listing the item. Bidding automatically terminates at the end of the auction.

When the auction ends, the seller and winning bidder(s) are notified via e-mail. These e-mails will contain all the information needed for the buyer and seller to complete the transaction. Auction results will also be available for everyone to examine. These results indicate the final bid price and the seller’s and winning bidder’s User Names. A complete bidding history is also available as a link from the item’s description page.

The winning bidder(s) and seller should contact each other within 3 business days after the end of the auction. A seller may contact the next-highest bidder if the seller is unable to contact and make arrangements for the transaction with the winning bidder(s) within 3 business days. The winning bidder(s) may lose their place as winning bidder if they do not contact the seller within 3 business days of the end of the auction.



IMPORTANT: By placing a bid, you are placing a legally binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the item at any price up through your maximum bid amount. If the seller accepts your bid, then you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. Your failure to complete the transaction is a breach of the User Agreement and may be legally actionable by the seller. In most cases, this can also result in a “unfavorable” feedback rating and possible termination in the use of this service. You must provide a valid email address or User ID with your bid.

Before you place a bid, you should verify the item(s) you’re bidding on and the seller’s reputability as best you can. If you have any questions about the item, e-mail your questions to the seller before you bid. Make sure you clearly understand the shipping terms and amounts (who pays?), payment terms (can you pay by personal check, credit card, etc.) and other details. Look at the seller’s feedback grade and see how others have interacted with this seller in the past by clicking on this grade. Always check the feedback of the seller first before bidding on an item and read the descriptions of the feedback in addition to simply looking at the seller’s feedback score.

You can place a bid when you are viewing the item you would like to bid on. Please enter the maximum bid amount you are willing to pay for the item. This amount is kept secret! The “auto-bidding” feature, if necessary, will automatically make bids on your behalf as other bidders increase the bid price, up to your maximum amount or the necessary preset bid increment to outbid other bidders. (All bidding is done with bid increments, which vary from item to item based on system settings.) This process is different for Dutch Auctions as explained later. In the case of a tie for the highest bid, the earlier bid takes precedence.

Once you make and confirm a bid, you cannot retract it except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances include the seller materially changing the description of the item after your bid and clear typographical errors. Exceptional circumstances do not include bidding or winning a bid on another (perhaps similar) item, not having the budget to pay for an item, changing your mind, etc. Bid carefully!

Our system will automatically e-mail you, subject to the reliability of Internet e-mail, if another bidder outbids your maximum bid. However, you might be outbid minutes or seconds before the close of an auction. Due to the amount of time it may take for e-mails to make their way across the Internet you may not receive notification of your bidding status before the bidding is closed for that item. Please check the item status regularly as the auction closing time nears to ensure you have the opportunity to place a new bid if necessary.  To take advantage of the “auto-bid” feature,  you should bid the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for the item when you make your first bid.

Buying an Item

You may call or e-mail the seller to clarify the terms of shipping and insurance if you have not done so before the bid. Negotiate with the seller for escrow, sales tax, shipping fees, and payment per the terms on their item description page, if any. Pay promptly — and leave feedback about your experience!

Selling an Item/Account Status

IMPORTANT: By auctioning an item, you are irrevocably (except as described below) and legally committing to accept the high bid for the item (or the highest-bidder who does not renege). If you receive one or more bids above the minimum price you stated you would be willing to accept and a reserve price is not specified, then you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. Your failure to complete the transaction is a breach of the User Agreement and may be legally actionable by one or more of the bidders.

Starting your own auction is very easy! Just click on the “list item” button found throughout our site and you will be transported to our List Item Form. You must be a registered user to list an item on this auction site.

Fill in all the applicable information about your item(s), providing a short, descriptive title and a complete description of the item. You cannot use HTML tags in the title, but you may use HTML in your item’s description. This means that you can link to pictures if you choose. All content linked to the item description must comply with the User Agreement.

You may want to consider setting the minimum bid for your item a little lower than you think the item will eventually be sold for, just to get the auction going. If your minimum bid is too high, people may not bid. However, keep in mind that when the minimum bid is reached, and you have not specified a reserve price, you will have to complete that transaction for that minimum bid price. Our software automatically specifies the bidding increment based on system settings.

You may place any merchandise up for auction that you have the right to sell, so long as it complies with the User Agreement and does not violate any other posted rules of this site or the AuctionShare Network. Please list your item in an appropriate category. If applicable, adult items must be listed only in the adult section. If applicable, to list or view items in the adult section, you must be of legal age to view such material in your respective state, and have proved that age by placing a verifiable credit card on record with our site.

In the description of your item, you should clarify any additional terms or expenses associated with the item, such as who will bear shipping and insurance expenses. These items are never assumed and should be clearly stated in the description.

The Auction Staff and your bidders expect truthfulness in your listings. Disappointed buyers are likely to leave you negative feedback and pursue additional action if necessary.

Staying in communication with inquiring bidders/buyers is essential for a successful auction. It’s good business to respond to all inquiries promptly.

Selling an item may incur debits to your online account with us. These fees will be disclosed when you list an item, and again, in the form of monthly e-mail statements or can be viewed by going to your Personal Page. Keeping your account current is essential to allow uninterrupted access to our site and it’s features. You can ensure this by either placing a Credit Card on file with our service (if applicable), or paying your monthly bills in a timely manner. If you do not place a Credit Card on file with us (if applicable), your account may be limited to a specified amount.

If your account is past due, you may incur late fees or find your account on hold; so keep on top of you account balance.

Notice of End of Auction

Once the auction is over, you and other interested parties, will be notified via email. However, if you are bidding on an item, you are responsible for checking to see if you have won. If you do not receive notice and think you are a winning bidder, you need to check the auction status by returning to this auction site for the auction results. After the auction has ended the winning bidder(s) need to contact the seller within three days. The seller should also do the same. If your account is past due, you may incur late fees or find your account on hold; so keep on top of you account balance.


Some notes regarding pricing:

First, we encourage sellers to set the minimum bid for their auction at the lowest fair price at which they feel comfortable selling their item.

Second, a seller may employ a reserve price auction. This allows the seller to set an undisclosed (to the bidders) price below which he or she does not agree to sell the item.

Third, a seller may not bid on his or her own auction. If the seller starts an auction and decides they no longer wish to sell his or her item, the seller should end the auction early. Again, you are reminded that ending an auction early may have some adverse effects on your User account.

Reserve Prices

Auctions may be run with reserve prices. The reserve price is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. The reserve price is not disclosed to bidders. A seller might specify a reserve price if he or she is unsure of the real value of the item and would like to be able to refuse to sell the item if the market value is below a certain price. During an auction, an annotation will be displayed in the item information screen if the seller has specified a reserve price. However, some bidders do prefer to bid on reserve price auctions. Using a reserve price may limit your bidding activity. Therefore, use a reserve price only when necessary.

The seller specifies the reserve price when he or she lists an item. This price should be above the minimum bid price. The auction begins at the minimum bid price. When a bidder’s maximum bid is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the item’s current price is raised to the reserve price. At this time, the item information will indicate the reserve price has been met. The bidder is also notified that his or her bid met the reserve.

Please note that reserve price auctions are not available for Dutch auctions.

Dutch Auctions

Dutch auctions are a special auction format where a seller has multiple, identical items he or she wishes to sell. The seller specifies the minimum price (the starting bid) and the number of items available. Bidders bid at or above that minimum for the quantity they are interested in purchasing. At the close of the auction, the highest bidders purchase the items at the lowest successful bid.

For example, imagine there are 10 Computers being sold at $500. 25 people bid $500 for one Computer each. In this case, only the first 10 people will be the successful bidders, since the bid amounts are the same, and earlier bids take precedence.

Now, say that one of those people bid $550 for one Computer. Since his bid is higher than all the others are, he will certainly be one of the successful bidders. The earliest bidders who bid $500 will claim the other 9 Computers, and the final price for each TV will be $500.

If enough people bid above the minimum bid, the final price of the item will increase as well. On the other hand, if less than 10 people bid in our example, then only that number of Computers will be sold at the opening price of $500. For the selling price to increase past the opening price specified by the seller, there must be an equal or higher level of demand than the supply indicated. In our example, the selling price would only increase if 11 or more Computers were bid upon, no matter what the amount of each bid.

In the case of multiple quantities bid for by a bidder, the lowest bidder may not earn the right to purchase the complete quantity, since there may only be one left by the time the higher bidders have been processed. In other words, if the lowest bidder requested a quantity of 3 Computers, he might only be entitled to one Computer, since 9 other Computers could be allocated to higher bidders. The only way around this problem is to ensure that you are not the lowest bidder. If it is agreeable to the seller, the bidder may not be obligated to partial quantities if the bidder cannot purchase the full quantity bid on. In that case, the seller may skip that bidder and move on to the next one, if any.

In Dutch auctions, the current standings are always displayed with the Item Description Page, and the complete bidding history (including unsuccessful bids) are also available.

User Information/Privacy

During your transactions, take the time to record the member information you obtain permission to use. That way, you can contact that member should you have questions regarding your transaction. This site does not give out contact information to registered users for the safety of our members. Therefore, you should keep careful record of information given to you from that user should you need to contact that member again.


We encourage all users to leave feedback about your trading partners. Only individuals directly involved in the transaction will be able to submit feedback about that transaction. Feedback is submitted in the form of a letter grade (A+, A, B, C, D, F, A being the best) and a brief narrative of the transaction. These “grades” submitted after every transaction will be averaged and displayed next to the user’s name on the site. Do not abuse the privilege of posting feedback about others. Abuse of this system may result in the permanent revocation of user privileges. Notice: Once a user has received 10 or more “A+” feedbacks, an “A+” will be displayed next to their username throughout the site.


You must enter correct contact information to be a member of this auction site. This is the information that will be available only to our staff, so they may contact you regarding transactions and your account.

After entering your correct data, you will be sent an e-mail with a registration code. You must then return to the web address specified in the e-mail and enter the registration code in the space provided. Only then will your registration be complete. This method is preferred because this verifies your correct e-mail and maintains your anonymity.

Adult Items (if applicable)

We may have a listing category known as Erotica, Adults Only. Like all listings on our site, listings in this category are the seller’s sole responsibility, and we do not verify, endorse, or recommend any of the items therein.

We created this category so that users could avoid (or seek out) this merchandise as they wish. We don’t take a moral stand on the items that are listed on our site – we act only as a venue for bidders, buyers, and sellers to meet. Users concerned about adult items should not access this category.

Items listed in the adult item category are not included in any “parallel” special sections of our site. This is to prevent accidental disclosure of this information to different areas of our site. They are also not available via any title search.

Notice to Sellers About Adult Items

Please take responsibility for your actions when listing such merchandise. Various legal statutes regulate the sale and distribution of adult materials. As stated in the User Agreement, your breach of these laws is a breach of the user agreement.

Please do not act irresponsibly by trying to auction items that belong in the adult item area in other areas of the site. This will result in your auction being ended and most likely result in your permanent suspension from the site.

Notice to Bidders and Buyers About Adult Items

Various legal statutes regulate the sale and distribution of adult materials. Please exercise caution and obey all applicable laws when dealing with sellers in this category. Please do not visit the adult item area if you do not want to see explicit materials. Efforts to circumvent access to the Adult section of this site, or our age verification process will result in immediate removal of the users future use of the site and possible additional legal action where appropriate.

Fraud/Illegal Items

Please contact members before you begin your transaction. Most fraud complaints tend to be misunderstandings about the product, shipping terms, or shipping addresses. You should clarify all of these elements before you bid, and definitely before you send money. However, fraud is a reality of doing business, both on and off the Web, and you should report it to the authorities if it happens in our community.

Some items are not legal to sell on this auction site. Please do not list an item that is illegal to sell.


Members of this auction site do not tolerate spam. Do not add a member’s email address to your address book or mailing list unless you have explicit permission from that member. Spam is unsolicited, commercial email. Violation of our user’s privacy in this matter will result in member removal.


Please be careful of what you say about other people online. Once you post on the discussion board or in the feedback forum, you cannot erase or delete what you have written.